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The Best Application Yet for the Palm

Millions of people use them everyday. Those pocket-sized personal digital assistants from Palm. There are lots of free programs you can download and use, but the best I've find yet is called Vindigo

"You tell Vindigo where you are in any of the major metropolitan areas that we serve…you do that by telling it the nearest intersections where you are for example…and then it can tell you about thousands of places to go and things to do in the immediate area."
Vindigo CEO Jason Devitt. Find movie listings, restaurants, shops of all kinds…and you don't need to add any kind of wireless connection. The Vindigo information is updated on your Palm over the Internet when it is synced with your computer….

"And every time you synchronize your Palm to your PC, we refresh all of that content. We tell you about all of the new places that have opened, places that have closed down, change your movie listings….and the application is free."
To begin with, you can download information for New York, Boston, Washington, San Francisco and Chicago. More cities are being added and the program will be available on more devices…

"We really believe that in three to five years time as many as thirty million Americans will be carrying around a device that might look like a phone or it might look like a Palm, that is wirelessly connected to the Internet and that everyday they will use a service that looks like Vindigo."

You can find more information and download the program from Where you can find us…is at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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