The Be-Loved Scene

To get the "inside scoop" on the love scene in Beloved, CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen interviewed co-stars Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover.

Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover star as former slaves struggling to make a life together. For the love scene with Glover, Oprah says she sucked on lemons:
"Yeah, because, you know, lemons give you that very fresh feeling. That gives it a kind of like fresh burst of flavor feeling without saying, I just ate an Altoid." Winfrey adds, "I was really nervous."

Why was she nervous?
"Because I hadn't even kissed a guy in 12 years other than [long-time boyfriend] Steadman. I hadn't even flirted."

To add to her nervousness, Glover told Winfrey: "I don't do stage kisses." To which Oprah says she responded happily, "I can't believe it, both of us 'virgins' here." The trouble was, says Oprah, he meant he doesn't do stage kisses. He does the real thing: "That's when I said 'get me the lemons!'", exclaims Winfrey.

But ask Danny Glover about it, and here's what he says. "Just trying to find the kiss and trying to find each other, and trying to get into each other. I couldn't imagine having my first love scene being anything more incredible than that. "

We can't show you that tender magical moment because the studio wouldn't release the clip. But Glover assures us that every scene of Beloved was a labor of love: "It was sublime," he says.

Glover was so affected by Toni Morrison's story that even on days when he wasn't scheduled to work he came to the set to support the other actors.

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