"The Bachelorette": Eric Hill's death overshadows hometown visits

Andi Dorfman, left, and Eric Hill on "The Bachelorette."


Meeting your significant other's parents for the first time is a big step in any relationship, and Andi did it four times over on Monday night's edition of "The Bachelorette."

But the hometown visits with Nick, Chris, Josh and Marcus were overshadowed by sad news Chris Harrison had to share with the group near the end of the episode -- that former contestant Eric Hill had died in a paragliding accident.

Harrison broke the news to the five of them at his home, and their reactions -- stunned silence at first, then tears --were all caught on camera. At one point, the crew puts their cameras down and step into the frame to comfort Andi and the guys. It all looks intensely raw and private and some viewers had to be wondering if it should have been filmed (and then aired on national television) at all.

Andi is anguished over the heated exchange she had with Hill before he left the show. "I kicked him out," she sobbed, as a female producer gave her a hug. "I can't believe that was my last conversation with him."

But this is still "The Bachelorette," and there was still a rose ceremony to get through. The next day, Andi talks to Chris Harrison about it. "There's a part of me that doesn't even know how to comprehend everything that's happening," she says. "Tonight was always gonna be tough, but I don't think anyone could've imagined that it would be like this."

She tries to power through the rose ceremony but breaks down before she can hand out the first one and abruptly leaves the room to cry. Once Andi collects herself and returns, she gives roses to Nick, Josh and Chris, opting to send Marcus home.

Tell us: Do you think "The Bachelorette" handled addressing Hill's death appropriately? Should Andi and the guys' reactions have been filmed?