"The Apprentice" Teams Duel Over Pedicab Tours

Donald Trump on "The Apprentice." refuses to fire David NBC/Ali Goldstein

NEW YORK (CBS) The men's team, Octane, succeeded in slaying the competition when it chose a Roman gladiator theme and midtown location for its pedicab tour Thursday night on "The Apprentice."

Even so, several members of the team begged host Donald Trump to fire David. Trump demurred, saying it's not in the rules. It remains to be seen whether the oppositional dynamic this request created will hobble the team in future challenges.

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The women's team targeted the well-heeled Wall Street workers with Babes on Bikes pedicab tours. Team leader Kelly Smith Beaty was concerned about the location when it first was suggested and became even more fearful when the tours started and there was virtually no foot traffic in the Wall Street area.

Things picked up at lunch but the team was way behind. The men earned three times as much as the women.

Kelly took Stephanie and Lisa with her to the boardroom, where she had to defend her decision to go with the downtown location . In the end, the Georgia public relations executive was fired.