"The Apprentice": A Question of Loyalty

Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy on The Apprentice. (NBC)

NEW YORK (CBS) Brooklyn prosecutor Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy was fired by Donald Trump Thursday night on "The Apprentice" after her teammates told him that Mahsa had disclosed vital information to the other team before the last board meeting.

The woman's team has again lost the challenge - putting on a production preview to lure Broadway investors. Their biggest mistake was to fail to include in the printed materials any way for potential investors to reach the producers. The men, led by Steuart, were congratulated and sent back to the suite.

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But before Liza, the women's project manager, could even choose two people to bring back to the board room, the discussion of the current challenge was hijacked by reports that before last week's board room conference, Mahsa had told Clint and other members of the men's team exactly how much the women's team had earned with its pedicab venture.

The aggressive and ambitious attorney, who said she would like to break into TV news, did not deny it but did say that Clint had exchanged information with her.

The disclosure obviously upset Trump who said it subverted the entire board room process.

Mahsa's defense so enraged Clint, watching in the suite, that he, backed by other members of his team, risked a return to that "board room, where someone will be fired."

Clint denied giving Mahsa's information on his team's earnings, claiming he only told her that he believed the men's team had earned a lot more. His teammates - and the members of the women's team - backed up his account.

Mahsa was fired and went home clearly unaware of how egregious her behavior was considered

A finale note on what may have been the best comeback ever on "The Apprentice." David, whose tenure on "The Apprentice" seemed doomed last week after he was assailed by every member of his team, rolled up his sleeves and went to work this week on a task that everyone agreed he performed very well.