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The Apple iPad: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Less than a week after its highly anticipated announcement, the Apple iPad has left some techies still buzzing and some mainstream consumers wondering what the pad even is.

Tech journalist, Leo Laporte, was broadcasting live from the announcement in San Francisco, and spoke to me about the new gadget and if it's worth adding to your wish list:

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No one seems to be fully confident on whether it's worth $499 plus extras, but the one thing that is for certain is that the name of Apple's new baby has hit a funny bone. While many predicted the name to be the Apple Tablet or the iSlate, the current rendition can't help but bring on certain… well… double entendres.

This Mad TV segment below circa 2006 has since been circulating the web. Who knew it would foretell the iPad jokes to come:

Cheap laughs aside, the question still on the minds of both geeks and non-geeks remains, is this just a giant iPhone/iPod touch or will it actually revolutionize and simplify our already cluttered digital lifestyle? The curious will give in to say they had it first. The rest will probably wait for all the kinks to be worked out. Unlike most movies, the sequels are usually better.