"The Amazing Race": Volleyball Players Drop the Ball

The 11 new teams competing in the newest installment of CBS's multi-Emmy Award-winning series, THE AMAZING RACE, which premieres with a special 90 minute debut on Sunday, Sept. 26 (8:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT). Emmy nominee Phil Keoghan is the host. Pictured top row, LtoR: Andie and Jenna, Gary and Mallory, Brook and Claire, Chad and Stephanie, Jill and Thomas, Nat and Kat, Connor and Jonathan; Bottom row, LtoR: Kevin and Michael, Nick and Vicki, Ron and Tony, Katie and Rachel Photo:
John P. Filo/CBS
The cast of "The Amazing Race." (John P. Filo/CBS)

NEW YORK (CBS) New Jersey volleyball players Katie and Rachel were eliminated from "The Amazing Race" Sunday night after an episode that had contestants rappelling over a fjord and biking across the Norwegian countryside.

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Neither woman had particular trouble in any of the challenges; they just fell behind the others and stayed there. Doctors Kat and Nat were first across the finish line and earned a trip to Costa Rica.

First to leave the previous week's pit stop, they opted for the express pass - the first team to successfully complete the task goes directly to the next pit stop, bypassing the other challenges.

It involved eating a sheep's head that is part of a traditional Norwegian Christmas meal - no easy task for Kat, who is a vegetarian and hasn't has meat in 22 years. With a lot of encouragement from her teammate, she managed to down half the sheep's head, pretending it's lettuce, cucumbers and finally money.

The doctors will be the first depart on next week's trip to Russia.