"The Amazing Race": Trains, letters and trivia in Berlin

Country singers Caroline, left, and Jennifer must deliver illuminated billboard letters on foot in order to receive the next clue on "The Amazing Race."

After rolling wheels of cheese down hills in Switzerland last week on "The Amazing Race" and saying goodbye to Chuck and Wynona, teams encountered flashing letters, trippy fun houses and history lessons in Germany.

Bates had his backpack stolen as the teams traveled by train to Germany, but it doesn't bother him -- he still has his passport, which is all he needs to keep racing (perhaps he learned a valuable lesson from James and Abba, last season's rockers who were forced to withdraw after their bags were stolen along with one of their passports). Plus, his brother and the country singers both offered to share their underwear with him.

Once they arrived, teams had to answer three historical questions using the voice command system in a product-placement car. The questions all had to do with Berlin, which was their next destination (the Brandenburg Gate, to be specific).

The next task was to head to Alexanderplatz, where they had to base jump off the roof of the Park Inn Hotel, 37 stories up.

Max and Katie led the pack as they went on to the Detour, which offered a choice between Train Trials or Font Follies. The first required teams to head to a train museum to set up some model train tracks and have a tiny train complete one lap. The second task required teams to transport two giant, flashing letters to a typography museum on foot without cracking them.

YouTubers Joey and Meagan were the only ones to head for the train museum, and while they had fun setting up the model it took seven tries for their train to complete a lap around the track.

Meanwhile, the country singers and hockey players are trying to work together, but their alliance seems to be unraveling. Earlier in the race, they seemed annoyed that the brothers went on without them after their cars got separated. And while getting directors on a street corner, one of the boys' letters falls and cracks. The girls seem conflicted, but go on without them, and the guys go back and do the train task instead.

The Road Block began with another history question - Who said "Ich bin ein Berliner" (if you answered John F. Kennedy, you're correct - and if you didn't need to ask for help to answer it, you know more about history than some of these "Race" teams did) - and then search through a trippy labyrinth at a nightclub (see the video below) to find the next clue.

Newlywed Katie wasn't a fan of the thumping music and flashing lights ("It was like my worst nightmare," she said) but finished a clue directing her and Max to the Pit Stop. They arrived first, winning a new car.

The YouTubers come in second place, followed by the country singers. The hockey players and roller derby moms end up at the labyrinth challenge together and help one another find the clue, but the moms come to regret it when the guys beat them to the Pit Stop in a footrace. Thankfully for them, this is a non-elimination leg and they get to stay in the race.

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