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"The Amazing Race" team is clueless in Africa

A canoe race was one of the challenges teams faced in Malawi CBS Photo

(CBS) Jennifer Young, part of the brother-sister team from Georgia, lost her way making a bicycle delivery in Malawi Sunday night on "The Amazing Race" and, having left the clue with her brother at the starting point, was unable to ask villagers for directions. So what did she do? (SPOLER ALERT)

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She wasted valuable time waiting at a crossroads for another team to come by (they didn't; she already was in last place). Finally, she gave up and continued down one road which finally brought her back to brother Justin and the starting line.

Justin, meanwhile, was worried that his sister had fallen ill or met with an accident. He was relieved to finally see her return. This may have done a lot for their bonding, but it did little for their racing.

They came in last and were eliminated from the race.

First-place finishers, for the fifth time in seven legs, were Olympic snowboarders Andy and Tommy. It was a particularly heartbreaking defeat for Ernie and Cindi, who used the Express Pass they had won in the first leg of the race to get out of one of the challenges. They were on target to win the leg when, in view of Phil Keoghan and the pit-stop mat, the snowboarders overtook them at a run.

A U-turn opportunity at one of the tasks showed just how good-natured this group of racers is. As I expected, only father-son sailors Laurence and Zac chose to target a team for a U-turn and I was delighted that they wasted their time targeting Marcus and Amani, who were ahead of then.

Of course, it's not surprising that the sailors thought Amani and Marcus were behind then. The NFL player and his wife were spared elimination last week and had to perform an extra task this week - a flag puzzle. The puzzle stumped them for a while, but they still managed to arrive at the pit stop in the middle of the pack.

Next week, teams head for Denmark. Will you watch?

Discuss Sunday's episode in the comments below, take our poll on who will win, watch next week's episode and return here for more commentary.

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