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"The Amazing Race" shocker leaves 3 teams in finale

Olympian snowboarders Andy and Tommy on "The Amazing Race"

(CBS)A pre-finale shocker in Panama Sunday night has left just three teams competing for the $1 million prize in next week's "The Amazing Race" finale. (SPOILER ALERT)

Pictures: "The Amazing Race Season 19

Frontrunners Andy and Timmy, Olympian snowboarders who captured six first-place finishes, ended their amazing run on the race in Sunday night's episode, when they made an educated guess that proved wrong.

This leaves three teams in the finals: engaged couple Ernie and Cindy; dating couple Jeemy and Sandy and married couple Amani and Marcus, also dubbed team NFL because of Marcus' former football career.

Those three teams were on track to make the same mistake as the snowboarders, who were in the lead at the start of this leg of the race, but benefited from being together in searching for the clue.

The problem was the teams had to watch native dancers in a plaza to find the destination of the pit stop. The landmark - Panama Viejo - was written on the skirts on the dancers and pictured on a bronze medallion the dancers wore. But they also wore a multitude of coins with the words Balboa on them.

The snowboarders headed to a ship called Balboa and then to a statue of Balboa, to no avail, before coming back to the square to watch the dancers again.

The other teams were on track to make the same mistake when Jeremy noticed the medallion, sketched the building pictured on it and asked a group of cab drivers what it was.

When the other two teams headed to cabs, possibly in search of Balboa, the drivers shared the information and took them to the Panama Viejo pit stop.

Jeremy and Sandy got there first, winning a trip to Turks and Caicos and a slight edge (the earliest morning departure) in the finale.

Were you sorry to see the snowboarders eliminated? Who do you think will win? Take our poll, discuss your choices in the comments below, watch the finale next week and return here for more commentary.

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