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"The Amazing Race": Rats and bus repair in Bangladesh

James and Abba took on a Fast Foward during this leg of "The Amazing Race." CBS

It was on to Bangladesh for the fourth leg of "The Amazing Race," where one team took on a rat-infested Fast Forward while other teams seemed to have trouble following directions.

Teams left from the girls' school in Bagil, Indonesia, and learned they must head to the airport and travel to Dhaka, Bangledesh. All the teams ended up on the same flight, leveling the playing field for everyone.

Outside the airport was a bustling, chaotic scene. Everyone scrambled to find taxis on the street except for monster truckers Rob and Kelley, who smartly chose to go to the taxi stand, where an employee spoke English and was able to get them in a cab. It didn't work out in their favor, however -- their driver got lost and took them to a landfill.

They weren't the only ones to have car trouble -- Trey and Lexie's driver stopped to get gas (this wasn't the only taxi-related issue they'd have this episode) and Gary again began directing his anger and frustration at teammate Will when their cab  took them down a back alley.

Teams made their way to an auto shop, where the roadblock required one team member to patch up a portion of a dilapidated bus with putty, sanding down another portion of the bus and then bring three pairs of heavy seats over to a refurbishing area. The task seemed straightforward, but was very technical -- more than one racer had to scrape off their putty and begin again after being told it was too thick, or not smooth enough.

It was here that Nadiya's very vocal support of her twin sister got on everyone else's nerves. As Natalie worked on the task, Nadiya was constantly cheering on her "twinnie," reminding her they were the only all-female team left and that she was the only girl tackling the task.

"Like fingernails on a blackboard... It just doesn't stop," Ryan said, eventually asking that she take a time-out from talking (she didn't).

Gary was even less appreciative of his own teammate's encouragement. "I don't want to hear you," he snapped at Will while repairing the bus. A chastised Will told the camera that they were again at the back of the pack, but still tried to stay positive. "We're in last place again, we're not happy. We've been in last place the whole race. But we're still in the race and we're going to win it. Our time is coming."

The only team not repairing buses was James and Abba (also known as Team "Long Hair, Don't Care"), who decided to tackle a Fast Forward. The duo had to collect dead rats from different locations throughout the city. Nothing seems to faze these guys ("We heard you got a rat problem. We're your guys," James declared before starting the task) -- the only thing that rattled Abba (and rightly so) was when he accidentally stepped in some ankle-deep sewage. They finished the task, an impromptu parade forming behind them as they traveled from location to location, and were first to make it to the Pit Stop, winning a trip for two to Antigua.

While they were handling dead rats, the other teams traveled to a market where they had to search through a bag of dried fish to find one marked with "The Amazing Race" colors.

The next challenge was a Detour -- teams had to choose "Pound the Metal" (going to a blacksmith and pounding iron into a traditional sharp tool) or "Pound the Cotton" (beating clumps of cotton until it is fine, then stuffing it into a mattress and sewing it up).

Teams split up pretty evenly on which challenge they chose. The blacksmith option was more physical, but turned out to be the easier task. The cotton for the mattresses flew everywhere as it was beaten into fluffy submission, and more than one team had to reopen their mattress and stuff wayward cotton in after they had already sewed it shut.

Once they finished pounding cotton and iron, the next destination was the Pit Stop. Teams had to travel by riverboat from one destination to another, then find host Phil Keoghan on foot. Abbie and Ryan and the twins were on the same boat, and ended up in a footrace for second place (the divorcees won).

Other teams had trouble following directions and took taxis or boats directly to Keoghan. The monster truckers, Texans and teachers all had to turn around and go back and travel the route the correct way. Ultimately, it was the teachers/so-called "super-fans" who came in last and were sent home, meaning viewers no longer have to watch as Gary snaps at Will.

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