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"The Amazing Race": Ice and the Express Pass in Indonesia

It was on to a new country Sunday night on the second episode of this season's "The Amazing Race," where the teams raced bulls, delivered giant blocks of ice, entertained small children and -- in some cases -- got very, very lost. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

From Shanghai, where the first leg of the race took place, teams traveled to Surabaya, Indonesia. Teams learned the winners of this leg would win the coveted Express Pass, which allows them to skip any challenge they choose as the race continues.

At the airport, all the teams ended up on the same flight except for Rob and Kelley, the married monster truckers. They booked a flight that left an hour and a half earlier - but it included a four-hour layover in Hong Kong, putting their arrival time later than the other flight. Rob was smugly pleased that they were flying solo, but Kelley wasn't so sure.

"We either made a good move or we made a really bad move, 'cause it's all of them," she said, referring to the other teams.

The other flight had a connection in Jakarta, where James and Abba managed to find their way onto an earlier flight to Surabaya. But it didn't end up mattering much, because the sporting area that contained their next clue didn't open until the next morning.

When it did open, teams got to take a turn, in the order they arrived at the arena the night before, on a motorcycle that raced against championship bulls. It didn't matter whether they beat the bulls or not -- teams got the clue either way.

That clue took teams to a bridge, where the Roadblock asked, "Who wants to party?" One member of each team had to operate a pedal-powered merry-go-round while simultaneously making balloon hats and animals for the children sitting on the ride. Most of the teams didn't have too much trouble, but the balloons kept slipping out of Will's fingers and he got more and more anxious and upset as he tried to complete the task.

"I felt like the whole word was on my shoulders and it was getting heavier and heavier," he said. "I was actually having a meltdown."

Eventually, he got the hang of it, and finished the challenge with encouraging words from teammate Gary and cheers from the crowd. But they lost a lot of time.

From there, teams had to travel by taxi to a motorcycle shop for their next clue, which was a Detour. Teams had to choose between Ice by the Pound (loading 10 65-pound blocks of ice into a truck and bringing them to a market, where they had to be carried from a block to a delivery point in a small, unsteady cart) or Fish by the Barrel (bringing two barrels of fish to that same market, which they had to arrange in a specific way at a stall).

Nadiya and Natalie took on the fish task with gusto, not afraid to get dirty or smelly and looking like they were having a great time. Everyone else opted for the ice, but three teams -- Rob and Kelley, Amy and Daniel and James and Abba -- got majorly delayed because their taxi drivers could not find the motorcycle shop.

After finishing the ice/fish tasks, the next stop was the pit stop, where host Phil Keoghan was waiting along with a local man with super-long fingernails. The twins won first place and the Express Pass, while Amy and Daniel weren't able to make up the time they lost trying to find the Detour and came in last. The two looked devastated when Keoghan told them they had been eliminated.

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