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"The Amazing Race" hops through Copenhagen

Bill and Cathy pause to target Laurence and Zac for a U-turn CBS

(CBS) "The Amazing Race" took teams to Denmark in Sunday's episode which featured medieval dancing, butter-making and rabbit racing. But a contestant with two left feet suffered a fall. (SPOILER ALERT)

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Father-and-son sailors Laurence and Zac were the first to reach Denmark, taking a connecting flight through London, rather than the Amsterdam route the others used. But that is where their luck ended.

The church with the first clue station was closed until morning and by then all the other teams - except Amani and Marcus, who took a later flight - were assembled at the door. The first challenge, learning steps to three medieval dances performed in native costume, proved tough for Zac, who had no aptitude for dancing.

Other teams collected clues as the 19-year-old sailor kept trying to get the dance sequences right.

Then karma stepped in. At the next challenge, in which teams had to choose between making butter and racing rabbits, there was a double U-turn. Last week, if you remember, Laurence and Zac were the only team to mark another for the U-turn, which means the marked team must complete both tasks in the either-or challenge.

This time, they were marked by Bill and Cathy, and lost time because they had to make butter in a churn and then build a racecourse and hop a rabbit through it. And finally, they got lost in the drive to the pit stop. They were the last to arrive and were eliminated. As annoying as Laurence has been throughout the game, one couldn't help but admire the way he bowed out, speaking about what this time with his son has meant to him.

Ernie and Cindy, edged out of first place at the last minute in last week's episode, responded this week by marking Bill and Cathy, hot on their heels, for a U-turn. They didn't do this to stay in the game; they did it to stay in first place. Why weren't they worried about the karma that seems to have done in Laurence and Zac?

In any case, their ploy worked and they were first to step on the pit-stop mat, winning a trip to Fiji.

What did you think of this episode? Discus sin the comments below, take our poll on who will win, watch next week's episode and return here for more commentary and discussion.

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