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The Amazing Race

This leg starts in Madagascar. Dustin and Kandice kick butt again and start off this leg! Go beauty queens.

Teams must travel more than 6,000 miles to Finland. The teams are being provided tickets to France, then they must find their own way to Helsinki, Finland. Once they are there they must go to an Internet café and check their AOL mail for the next clue. Plug for AOL.

Rob and Kim, and Tyler and James have formed a team while Erwin and Godwin are playing in honor of their booted friends, David and Mary, as are Lyn and Karlyn.

All the teams make it on a Johannesburg flight to Finland. Lyn and Karlyn make the flight even though they only get to the flight about 30 minutes before it leaves. Lucky, I say.

Lyn and Karlyn spend a lot of time whining about the "Barbies," Dustin and Kandice, because they have looks and always have their boobs and arms hanging out. Um, isn't it called a tank top, Lyn and Karlyn?

At the Internet café, the teams get unexpected messages from loved ones and their next clue, which is to take a train to a local school to get another clue.

At the clue, they have a detour — Swamp This or Swamp That. The locals do both activities to keep in shape for the Olympics. In Swamp This, teams must use cross country skies to go 1 mile in the mud while Swamp That teams must go through a muddy obstacle course where they crawl and carry each other — it's clearly the more physical of the detours.

Tyler and James, Erwin and Godwin, and Rob and Kimberly pick the obstacle course while Dustin and Kandice, and Lyn and Karlyn chose to ski. Can I just say that watching all of them drudge through the mud is hilarious!

Teams must now travel by train to Turku then drive to Lohja, where there is a mine they must explore for the next clue. Tyler and James, and Dustin and Kandice get the first train while Rob and Kimberly literally miss it by a second. That may hurt them because that puts them on the same train as the rest of the teams.

In the road block, one member of the team must go deep into the mine and ride a bike a mile in to pick up a piece of limestone, then bring it back and crack it open to reveal the clue inside. The clue will then send them to the Olympic stadium.

At the stadium, teams must go to the top of the Olympic tower. When they are at the top, they both must repel — but facing towards the ground. Scary! And it's a tight race between Tyler and James, and Dustin and Kandice. They are literally neck and neck.

And you would think it's a pit stop next, but — surprise — they must keep racing and we get a "to be continued"!

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