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The Amazing Race

Race time for the teams in Vietnam. Rob collapsed after the pit stop and needed medical attention for heat exhaustion. I remember saying it looked so hot. I guess it was hotter than we understood just watching it on TV.

Erwin and Godwin, the comeback kids, were first to arrive at the pit stop, so they are first to leave at 10:55 p.m. Teams must now travel to Hanoi to a garden. Luckily this time they are given more money. Watching people beg for money on this show makes me very uncomfortable. And I have to say the beauty queens, Dustin and Kandice, have been kicking butt, which I love. Being a fellow pageant girl myself, I love rooting for them. I love even more that people are underestimating them and that they are doing well. Mary is still struggling with a sprained foot, and as she says she's used to being a couch potato. So for everyone this is the farthest out of her comfort zone.

A statue at the garden rattles off a ton of clues and a ton of names I didn't understand at all. All I understood was "across the river." Two teams had the taxi drivers listen to the instructions, which was smart. Rob is exhibiting some serious anger issues; this guy scares me. He even talks about if the driver is high. Maybe if Rob was, he would chill the heck out!

Tom and Terry let Erwin and Godwin follow them, which was real nice of them. Hopefully that will pay off in the long run and they will have a chance to do something nice for T and T (Tom and Terry). But you know what's funny? After all the taxi stressing, everyone ended up on the same boat anyway. That's one thing about this show that irritates me a little — the equalizers like this one.

Roadblock! One person must use mechanical ascenders to climb up a 90-foot rock wall. There can only be three teams climbing the wall at a time, so it's first come, first serve. I don't know much about rock climbing, no real surprise there. But Ethan informed me that rock climbing with these ascenders is very hard.

Terry is the first one to get to the wall, with Ron close behind him, David takes the last spot in the first three up.

Lyn offers some great encouragement, saying if she can handle a baby with her asthma, then she can handle this. I love that. Sarah spends the whole roadblock saying she can't do it just like EVERY OTHER challenge. I'm over it, how about try a more positive method? Why doesn't Sarah let her partner do some of these tough tasks? It's like she wants to prove something when she doesn't need to at all!

After they finish teams must travel only 1.2 miles to a cave and search for their next clue.

Detour. In Over teams must ride a boot, then row a smaller boat, load up the boat and deliver the goods to a village then row back to the boat with their invoice.

In under, teams must harvest 30 oyster baskets and deliver them to a pearl farmer.

I would take the pearl harvesting — and maybe try and get one for myself while I'm there!

Rob and Kimberly nearly throw each other overboard trying to get the oyster baskets. I kind of hoped they would maybe let the water cool them off, especially Rob.

The rowing seems to be a problem for all the teams except for Tyler and James who get there second. Tom and Terry finally get there third.

Peter bullies around Tom and Terry and says he wants to quit. He's turning out to be a big whiner!

After they finish the task they must head to the pit stop. They must go miles to Soi Sim island, which looks beautiful!

Rob and Kimberly are the first to arrive at the pit stop. They're followed by Peter and Sarah, Tyler and James, Erwin and Godwin, David and Mary, one of my favorite teams, Lyn and Karlyn, and Dustin and Kandice.

That means my favorite team, Tom and Terry, was last — but because the show started late my TiVo shut off before I found out if it was elimination round or not. I'm hoping it wasn't. Blame CBS, not me, I'm sorry.