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The Amazing Race

We start in Mauritius, the beautiful island, and their seventh pit stop.

Dustin and Kandice are first to leave at 3 a.m., since they were the first to get in. They must travel to Madagascar. They must then search for a local landmark for their first clue.

Rob and Kimberely seem to still be getting on each other's nerves more and more each day. I hope these two can even finish the race without strangling each other.

Erwin and Godwin talk about how the six-pack alliance (which is David and Mary, Erwin and Godwin, and Lyn and Karlyn) is sticking togehter and how they would give up first so one of them could win.


Come on, guys. You can be friends after. Get some fire to win this thing. They will understand. Lyn and Karlyn are already showing signs of breaking the six pack.

All teams get on the same flight to Madagascar. 
There is an "intersection" at the landmark. This is a new twist to "The Amazing Race." Teams must join forces with another team and perform all tasks and make all decisions together until further notice. Teams end up being:

  • Rob and Kim and Tyler and James
  • Dustin and Kandice and Erwin and Godwin
  • David and Mary and Lyn and Karlyn 
    In the fast-forward, the two teams must eat plates of cow lips! Yuk.

    Tyler and James and Rob and Kim get to it first and attempt to do it. The cow lips look SO GROSS. The hair was still on the lips, and I was gagging just watching it. 
    Detour time is long sleeved. The new teams must travel to an open market and carry eight foam mattresses on foot through the streets.

    Then there is short letter in which the teams are informed that they must travel to a paper-making station to produce and decorate 28 sheets of hand-crafted paper.

    Seems to me that short letter seems a lot harder. All the teams went with the long-sleeved challenge, carrying the mattresses.

    The teams are having such a time trying to get all eight mattresses down these small roads. It's really funny. The locals are having a ball laughing at them all. I think that was a smart decision. It looks like it would be less frustrating.

    After the teams finish their task, they can separate from their groups and head to a local village to search for their next clue. Dustin and Kandice quickly ditch Erwin and Godwin, which doesn't surprise me. These girls are in it to win it. Go, girls! 

    In this roadblock, one team member must search for the rubber stamp; they must find a stamp of a boat, plane, train, and car. They must search all the street vendors, and their team member will be waiting for them at the pit stop when they finish.

    After they finish this, they can go to the pit stop.

    If these teams hurry, they may actually beat the teams attempting to eat the cow lips on the fast forward. But they do eventually finish, and it's a mad race to the finish line! 
    Dustin breezes through the stamp mission and is on her way to the pit stop when her driver stops to get gas! But she still is ahead, and Dustin and Kandice are the first team again. They win a trip to Hawaii, and bragging rights for kicking major butt.

    Next are Tyler and James, Rob and Kim, and Erwin and Godwin. David and Mary are next but they have a 30-minute penalty and have to sweat it out on the sidelines. Lyn and Karlyn get there before David's and Mary's penalty is up, so David and Mary are finally eliminated. 

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