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The Amazing Race

"The Amazing Race" gets a late start, around 8:30 p.m., but its worth the wait and I think I have found a new interest in "60 Minutes"!

On this leg of the race, they get no extra money so they have to fend for themselves. They all travel to a hotel in Mongolia to sign up for a flight to Vietnam. The beauty queens rub people the wrong way because they cut in front of Tom and Terry.

Once they get to Mongolia, it's a race to a prison. Father-daughter team Duke and Lauren trust a local person to take them to the prison but it backfires when she informs them the driver is dropping her off first then them!

Roadblock: They need to find a flower market where members of the team must sell 80,000 worth in Viet money. Any extra, they can keep. Peter and Sarah finish first and head off to the village of Vac. But they get in some trouble when they accidentally get on the wrong bus.

Detour: Fuel — teams travel to a work station and take wet coal to correctly create 30 coal bricks. Foul — teams must use traditional materials and methods to build a birdcage

All teams except Duke and Lauren, chose fuel and attempt to make the coal bricks.

Coal miner David was really taking in the environment since his father was in Vietnam. I am rooting for this team because you can tell they have good hearts and care about other things than the race, like friendship and experience.

It must have been over 100 degrees that day because everyone is sweating like I have never seen. It's made me overheated at home.

A beautiful rice paddy is the pit stop for the race. Erwin and Godwin are team No. 1! They win a home entertainment system and the pleasure of going from last place to first place; anything can happen in this race.

Tom and Terry are second to arrive but get a 30 minute penalty for riding on a motorbike, which was prohibited because of safety reasons. That mistake put them into second-to-last place! Lets hope that doesn't happen again, but Mary is right there to cheer them up when their penalty time is over. Like I said before, David and Mary are good people.

In last place was father Duke and his daughter, Lauren, and they are eliminated. But they both say that this brought them together and that doesn't have a price.

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