The 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll

March 28, 2010 Edition: Check Out The Results And Weigh In!

Spring has sprung and this month's 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll has a little something for everyone. For lovers of the arts, we ask questions about which of the big events that take place in our culture you pay the most attention to. Also, which filmmaker you would choose to direct your life story, and which great mecca for music you would be most likely to visit. For those who love Washington, politics and history there are questions on the Tea Party movement, Napoleonic history, and which top secret venue you would pick for a behind the scenes look at what really goes on. Finally, for those that are in to questions on social issues, there are thought provoking questions on assisted suicide, sex addiction, gays in society and how much money does one need to be considered "rich"? And now the results please…

There is no bigger potential audience than that of the finale of a top flight television series. Twenty-eight percent of those asked would choose the T.V. event above the others, although Apple's new products and technology continue to close the gap. New works by the creators of Harry Potter and Avatar received less votes in that order. It appears that J.K. Rowling and James Cameron will have to content themselves with being obscenely rich.