The 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll

Jan. 3, 2009 Edition: Check Out The Results And Weigh In!

This month's 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll begins with tough questions concerning where the upcoming 9/11 trial should take place, as well as where the Guantanamo detainees should be relocated to. Then in deference to the holiday season, we lighten up and ask Americans which movie star they would like to co-star with, and in what type of movie. Then, what superpower they would most like to possess, how they watch TV, and some other dandies you might like to bring up at your too late, too loud, family holiday gathering. Here we go:

More than 60 percent do not think trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York will make the city any more of a terrorist target than it already is. Nearly 30 percent think it will and that it is just what al Qaeda wanted. If asked, we're confident that 100 percent of respondents would say they hope they never have to find out.