The 2 Million Mile Man

Since 1946, Marty Peters has taken just five sick days.

As the hours wound down on Marty Peters' last day at work, he did what he's always done - his job.

Year after year, day after day, he's set a record that will be hard to top, reports CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds.

Because at the age of 87, Marty has been on the job for 63 years - decades of driving close to two million miles, hoisting innumerable packages and keeping track of where everything went.

Reynolds did the math and informed Marty that he's been on the job 15,000 days.

"It's been 15,000 good days, I'll tell you," Marty said.

Until recently Marty never really thought much about calling it quits, insisting the job kept him happy and healthy.

"Anybody that keeps working, you roll with the times and your health is rolling with you," he said.

Since 1946 he's taken just five sick days.

"My doctor, the last time I went to him, he said 'you know Marty, you're one in a million'," Marty said.

When Marty went to work for UPS 63 years ago, the average price of a home was around $5,000, a car cost a $1,000 and Marty was making 95 cents an hour.

Today Marty lives comfortably in suburban Detroit. He and his wife Christine have been married 58 years but a life of leisure is apparently not in their plans.

"Maybe I'll have to go to work and he'll have to stay home and keep house," Christine said.

On Friday Marty was up as usual well before dawn, punching in for one last time at 4:25 and ending the day with a big farewell.

Marty was a force of nature and a fact of life here.

It will be hard to let him go.

  • Dean Reynolds
    Dean Reynolds

    Dean Reynolds is a CBS News National Correspondent based in Chicago.