Thank You, Dan

Dan Rather final broadcast
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
It was a little more than 20 years ago when a young reporter from Denver came to CBS News for a job interview.

Back then, prospective new hires were treated like a side of beef on a hook passing through a slaughterhouse. News executives and show producers gave you the once-over, and by the end of the day, if you passed enough inspections, you were hired.

It was a daunting process to say the least, and what I remember most from that day was the moment I was to meet the anchorman. Dan Rather had just 10 minutes, I was told, and I was shoved into his office. I wasn't shaking ... but I wasn't cool and confident, either. We talked about the news, and soon most of an hour had sped by.

I was green as grass, and it would have been easy to put me in the mulch pile, but Rather took an interest. He told me this: "If you work your butt off and you're half as good as people say you are, you'll do OK here."

For that advice and the opportunity, I'll be forever grateful.

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By Harry Smith