Text Messages in Court? LOL!

boys SMS text messaging on cell phones in germany
Greetings America. T-W-I-M-C. A-W-T-T-W. Yes, W-U-C-I-W-U-G. Are you with me? You're not? Y-Y-S-S-W. Believe it or not, this apparent gibberish isn't gobbledygook. Not quite. I am speaking Text Message. Around the world, it's the new language - the way in which people, especially young people, are communicating with each other, leaving messages written with letters and punctuation marks on each other's mobile phones.

T-W-I-M-C? To whom it may concern. A-W-T-T-W? A word to the wise. W-U-C-I-W-U-G? What you see is what you get. Are you following me now? Y-Y-S-S-W. Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever.

In Britain the rock industry has suffered a serious decline as teenagers - the prime consumers of popular music - transfer their money from buying CDs to buying time on their mobile phones. Young Brits are leaving one another text-messages by the billion.
C-M-I-I-W, (correct me if I'm wrong).

And now our country's most respected dictionary makers have decided that they have got to get in on the act. Alongside the language of William Shakespeare and John Milton, two new dictionaries feature words and phrases that a year or two ago hadn't even been invented.

G-D-&-R means GRINNING, DUCKING & RUNNING and is the text-speak response to a snide remark. Y-M-M-V stands for YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY and apparently is a phrase used by two young people of one gender when discussing the potential possibilities of developing a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. It means YOU MAY NOT HAVE THE SAME LUCK I DID. It seems that it's lovers who are prime users of the new language.

This week police revealed the case of the English bus driver who was having an affair with a colleague's wife and was abducted at gunpoint and forced to text message his wife admitting adultery. When it comes to trial it will be the first time text-messaging has been used in evidence.

B-C-N-U. Be seeing you. T-U-V-M. Thank you very much.