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Texas woman dresses like man to collect debt, breaks into wrong house

Maricela Aguilera Rodriquez KYTX

(CBS/KYTX/AP) TYLER, Texas - Maricela Aguilera Rodriquez  allegedly dressed like a man, armed herself with a knife and a stun gun, and barged into a home to settle a debt on a car - only  to find out she accosted the wrong family.

According to police, Rodriguez, 51, went to the back of the home in Tyler, and found one of the homeowner's young daughters outside. Rodriquez took the child by the hand and brought her inside the residence, where she confronted the homeowner and her two other young daughters, reports CBS affiliate KYTX.

Rodriquez then allegedly made the mother take duct tape and tie and gag her three daughters, and was then bound herself by the suspect. The victims were forced into the front bedroom while Rodriguez ransacked the house, but the victims were able to get out of a bedroom window and run next door to call police without the her knowledge, police said, according to KYTX.

Tyler police say one child was slightly hurt in Thursday's incident.

Police believe Rodriguez entered the home to collect a $15,000 debt over a car, but targeted the wrong residence.

Rodriquez has been charged with residential burglary with intent to commit a felony - a first degree felony.

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