Texas teen run down at South by Southwest goes to prom

FORT WORTH, Texas - A teenager who was injured and whose boyfriend was killed when a motorist plowed into a crowd at South by Southwest made it to her high school prom this weekend, CBS Dallas/Fort Worth reported.

Curtisha Davis, 18, is still recovering from the physical injuries she sustained in the crash. But she said she was able to enjoy the party and the emotional healing that came with it.

"I'm strong and I am taking everything day by day," the 18-year-old said.

Davis and her boyfriend, Deandre Tatum, were among a group of about two dozen pedestrians mowed down by a suspected drunken driver on March 13 at the Austin music festival.

Davis suffered broken bones and a neck injury. Tatum died of his injuries.

"It's unbelievable and it makes me mad sometimes," said Davis.

Lamarcus Sapp, a friend of both Tatum and Davis, escorted her to Saturday night's prom.

"I decided to ask her because I understand everything she went through and it was just me and her and we thought about going to prom before," said Sapp.

A nonprofit organization called BAM, which stands for Beautiful Ambitious Me, took care of all of Davis' prom styling.