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Texas teen killed in freak SUV accident

ARLINGTON, Texas - A family is searching for answers after a teenage girl was killed after falling from a moving vehicle, CBS Dallas reported Monday.

The incident occurred early Saturday after a group of friends had left a Dallas nightclub. Police said that 17-year-old Lelys Leyva-Monreal fell from the window of a moving SUV and was then struck by that vehicle.

Friends and family members said that the group of friends -- including Leyva-Monreal and her boyfriend -- were driving home when the couple began to argue in the backseat. It wasn't immediately clear whether the victim was trying to get out of the car or merely hanging out of the window, but police said she fell and struck her head before being run over by the SUV in which she had been a passenger.

Police spokeswoman Tiara Richard told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that investigators believe one of her friends tried to pull Leyva back inside, but failed.

The Arlington Police Department has spoken with the driver of the SUV -- who had originally left the scene -- along with the boyfriend and other people who were inside of the vehicle, CBS Dallas said. Authorities are continuing to investigate the situation, including whether or not alcohol played a factor in this incident.

Leyva-Monreal was a junior at Arlington High School until February. District spokeswoman Leslie Johnston said that the girl dropped out of classes, but returned less than two weeks ago. She had been participating in the district's drop-out prevention program at another campus.

"I'm not sure of the circumstances of why she left, but she did come back to try to regain that credit and continue on with her education," Johnston said.

Friends have started a memorial for Leyva-Monreal along Cooper Street, near Park Row, where the accident occurred. Many former classmates from Arlington High School stopped by the memorial on Monday morning to mourn the girl's death.

"I had a couple classes with her and she was always very loving," said friend Angel Gonzalez. "She always made us smile. She was a good person."

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