Texas police officer accused of excessive force in arresting boy, 17

(CBS DFW) HURST, Texas - A North Texas mother is accusing a Hurst police officer of using excessive force while arresting her 17-year-old son Andrew Rodriguez, CBS DFW reports. A video of the incident shot by Rodriguez's friend has gone viral.

Rodriguez was questioned along with two others at Bellaire Park because police thought they looked suspicious, CBS DFW reports. The officer on scene got the names of the three teenagers and discovered Rodriguez had an open warrant.

Rodriguez's mother, Kelly Pope, said the warrant was from a ticket her son had received four years ago for trespassing on school property after hours.

Police Chief Steve Moore says Rodriguez started to walk away and ignore the officer and that is when he attempted to take Rodriguez into custody.

Rodriguez's friend, Jordan Rojas, who recorded the incident on his phone, told CBS DFW that when Rodriguez learned he was being arrested, he began to call his mother.

"The officer asked him to get off the phone and he continued to call his mom because he was already on it and that's when the officer tackled him," Rojas said. "That's when I started recording."

In the video the officer is seen subduing Rodriguez, who is arguing with the officer, saying he can't breathe.

Seconds later, a second officer runs in as a backup and allegedly knees Rodriguez while he was subdued.

Hurst police released a statement, saying, "This is not behavior that the City of Hurst promotes or condones in any way... The incident will be investigated internally."

Pope says she plans to file a complaint with the Hurst Police Department.

The police confirmed to CBS DFW that the cop in question is Officer Disraeli Arnold. Disraeli has been with the department for four-and-a-half years.