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Texas man charged in boyfriend's beating death

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Police say a Texas couple ended a night of drinking with a fight that left one dead and the other charged with murder, reports CBS affiliate KEYE.

Officers first responded to the apartment where the men lived early Friday morning. They found 18-year-old Stephen Sylvester unconscious and bleeding from the back of the head. Sylvester was taken to the hospital where he died, police said.

A roommate told police that 20-year-old Bryan Canchola was "extremely intoxicated" when he started fighting with Sylvester, according to an arrest affidavit. Canchola reportedly yelled, "Why would you cheat on me?"

The roommate told police he heard screaming, shouting and banging inside the couple's room. The roommate said he intervened and found Sylvester with a cut on his head. He said he took Sylvester to Brackenridge Hospital with Canchola allegedly chasing after them.

A short time after being admitted, Sylvester unexpectedly left the hospital without being medically treated. The roommate couldn't find him and came back to the apartment to find the door closed. A short time later Canchola called 911, according to police.

Autopsy results show Sylvester had been strangled and beaten. The medical examiner ruled the death homicide, and said the cause of death was head trauma.

The affidavit also says Sylvester's dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, was strangled, and the roommate allegedly said he heard Canchola threaten to kill the dog.

Canchola has been charged with first-degree murder. His bail was set at $500,000.

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