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Texas High School Coach Shot

The father of a high school football player shot and wounded the coach with an assault rifle Thursday and fled in a pickup loaded with other weapons, authorities said.

The suspect, Jeffrey Doyle Robertson, was carried out of the woods on a stretcher a few hours later, after his truck was found abandoned near a golf course outside Canton. His condition was not immediately disclosed.

Police were trying to establish the motive for the shooting of Canton High coach Gary Joe Kinne.

But those who knew Robertson said he had a bad temper. And Police Chief Mike Echols said Robertson had been banned from campus and told not to attend school functions. Robertson had had confrontations with some of the coaches, including Kinne.

According to one parent, Robertson had complained last year that his son was being picked on by his teammates.

Kinne was shot with an AK-47 rifle in the chest at the school's field house, officials said. He was airlifted to a hospital in nearby Tyler. He is said to be in stable condition, reports CBS News Correspondent Alison Harmelin.

Officials say Robertson had a hit list that included at least four other people. Authorities declined to say whether any list was found.

Friends told police Robertson said he was dying and had been bragging about his plan to "settle some scores," including one with Coach Kinne, whose son is the team's star quarterback Harmelin said. He reportedly said he did not intend to be taken alive.

An athlete's father, Steve Smith, said Robertson had threatened to kill Smith's son last year over an on-field teasing.

"He's a very high-strung, hot-tempered individual," said Smith, a business owner in Canton, about 60 miles east of Dallas.

Smith told the Tyler Morning Telegraph that Robertson's son, then a freshman football player, was walking off the field when some older students "razzed" him.

"This guy blew up," Smith said. "He thought some kids were picking on his son. My son wasn't even the one who said anything. But he threatened to kill him."

Smith said he complained to the school and police. Robertson was never charged.

Robertson worked for Dallas Plumbing Co. for six years, leaving in 2002 to start his own business with a partner, company President John Downs said.

Downs described Robertson as a good air-conditioning project manager and a devoted father who enjoyed taking his son hunting and fishing. But Downs said he heard about Robertson getting into fights in his hometown.

"He just seemed to be a good person, other than this temper that he had, which we never personally saw," Downs said.

When Downs last saw Robertson, about six months ago, he said Robertson had a broken leg, bruises and scrapes from a road-rage fight on the side of a highway.

"The last conversation that I had with him was that he really needed to learn how to control his temper or he was going to get hurt worse than that, but it didn't work," Downs said.

Yesterday was Robertson's 45th birthday.

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