Texas day care owner accused of spiking kids' milk with sleep-inducing drugs


(CBS/KTVT) GRAYSON COUNTY - Police say the owner of a North Texas day care facility drugged children's milk in order to make them tired.

Kimberly Lane, the owner of Luv-n-Learning in Van Alstyne, faces 16 felony counts of endangerment to a child for allegedly mixing over the counter antihistamines in a jug of milk and giving it to children in her care to make them fall asleep, reports CBS affiliate KTVT.

Police Lieutenant Tim Barnes said day care workers complained to police Tuesday, KTVT reports.

Barnes said while what Lane did may not have been malicious it was reckless, according to KTVT. "I don't believe her intent was to harm the children," he said. "But giving kids medication and then their parents not knowing about it and then when they get home if something was to occur where they were having to give them other medication that may have a reaction... it could have been a bad situation."

The children possibly drugged were reportedly between the ages of 20 months and four-years-old.

According to KTVT, Luv-n-Learning was licensed through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Daycare Division, which allowed the facility to care for toddler and pre-kindergarten age children.

Kimberly Lane, who's being held in the Grayson County Jail on $160,000 bond, reportedly faces a maximum of two years in jail and fines up to $10,000 for each count.