Relentless storms pummel Texas

The deadly flooding has forced hundreds to evacuate
The deadly flooding has forced hundreds to ev... 02:33

RICHMOND, Texas -- Roadways became raging rivers in Texas Tuesday. Flood waters were strong enough to wash away a car, with the driver getting out moments before it was swept away, reports CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez.

Up to six inches of rain in parts of the state triggered flash flooding and prompted more than a dozen rescues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Six people have died and several others are m... 02:15

The fast-rising waters left cars submerged and even stranded a fire truck as the relentless storms continue to pummel the Lone Star state.

In the southeast, the Brazos River has reached record highs. It is pouring into homes and setting off a new wave of evacuations in the city of Rosenberg.

The rising river forced a family in Simonton to leave their horses behind when they were told to evacuate.

"It was up to my chin and my dad's chin. It's just been a mess," resident Blake Perkins said.

On Tuesday they hired a private helicopter to drop food for the stranded animals.

For others, the only way around is by boat. We found Pedro Chavez, whose home is filling with water.

"Are you afraid that it's going to flood completely?" Bojorquez asked him.

"A little bit, yeah," Chavez said.

"What would that mean for your family?" Bojorquez said.

"I mean, kind of start over," Chavez responded.