Texas College Stabbing Update: Dylan Quick, 20, allegedly fantasized about stabbing people since childhood

Dylan Quick, who is a suspect in the multiple stabbings on the Lone Star Cy-Fair Campus, right, is escorted by Harris County Sherrif's Office investigators after being questioned, Tuesday, April 9, 2013, in Houston. Quick, a student at the school, allegedly went on a building-to-building stabbing attack at the Texas community college Tuesday, wounding at least 14 people ? many in the face and neck ? before being subdued and arrested, authorities and witnesses said. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Cody Duty)
Cody Duty
Dylan Quick (right) is escorted by Harris County Sherrif's Office investigators after being questioned on April 9, 2013, in Houston
AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Cody Duty

(CBS/AP) CYPRESS, Texas - Authorities said 20-year-old student Dylan Quick was charged Tuesday night with carrying out a building-to-building attack with a razor-type knife that wounded at least 14 people at a Texas community college, many of whom were stabbed in the face and neck.

Quick was charged with three counts of aggravated assault. The Harris County Sheriff's Office said Quick told them he fantasized about stabbing people to death since elementary school and planned the attack for some time.

The sheriff's office said that Quick began the attack at about 11:20 a.m. Tuesday at the Lone Star Community College System in Cypress. Two people remained in critical condition late Tuesday.

It remains unclear how long the attack lasted, but Lone Star college officials said they locked down the campus shortly after 11:30 a.m. Students described phones going off informing them of the lockdown. Some stayed in class until they were dismissed. Others went out to the hallways, where they were evacuated to their cars.

Pieces of the blade were found in at least one victim, according to the sheriff's office. Broken blade pieces also were found in the area where the stabbing occurred on campus, and the handle was discovered in a backpack that Quick was carrying when he was arrested.

Authorities were seen entering Quick's parents' home in a middle-class neighborhood of Houston late Tuesday. No one answered the door or the phone at the red brick house, where two vehicles were parked in the driveway, including a Honda Accord with a license plate that said "DYLAN."

"I can't imagine what would have happened to that young man to make him do something like this. He is very normal," said 48-year-old Magdalena Lopez, who has lived across the street from the Quick family for 15 years.

She said that Quick would always say hi to her and her family when she would see him outside taking out the trash or working on his family's front lawn. Lopez added that Quick is deaf, and a street sign, "Deaf Child In Area," was posted on the block of brick, ranch-style homes warning drivers of his condition.

"I can't believe he would do it," Lopez said.

Students described a bloody scene of when the attack happened near noon Tuesday. Diante Cotton, 20, said he was sitting in a cafeteria with some friends when a girl clutching her neck walked in, yelling: "He's stabbing people! He's stabbing people!"

Walking outside, Cotton and his friends saw another half-dozen people with injuries to their faces and necks. Some were being loaded into ambulances. The most critically injured were evacuated in medical helicopters.

Harris County Sherriff Adrian Garcia said that when emergency calls came into the department, there were indications that "students or faculty were actively responding to work to subdue this individual."

"So we're proud of those folks, but we're glad no one else is injured any more severely than they are," Garcia said.

Some neighbors described Quick as a quiet person, and noted that he didn't appear to have many friends, staying indoors most of the time unless his parents were outside working in the yard.

Michael Lincoln, who lives next door to the Quick family, described the suspect as friendly.

"If he's outside, he speaks to me, 'Hey neighbor, how you doing?' " Lincoln said.

He added that Quick had never been aggressive, which makes the accusations against him shocking.

"He stayed inside most of the time unless they were doing yard work," he said.

Elva Garcia, 46, who lives two houses down from the Quicks, described him as a nice young man who stayed out of trouble and only came outside with his parents. She saw him, she said, just this past weekend, working with his parents in the front yard.

"We can't even believe it. What motive would he have?" Garcia said.

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