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14-year-old suspect in Tessa Majors murder bolts from car on way to police

NYPD manhunt underway in student murder
NYPD manhunt underway for 2nd teen suspect in student stabbing death 02:00

A 14-year-old boy considered a second suspect in the stabbing death of Tessa Majors bolted from a car in Harlem on the way to meet with police Monday night, a law enforcement source told CBS News' Pat Milton. A manhunt is now underway for the boy. 

The teenager was being driven in by a family member for voluntary police questioning when he escaped from the car. Police searched for the boy for hours, but have yet to find him. The 14-year-old is the second suspect in Majors' death last Wednesday in Morningside Park, near Columbia University's campus. 

A 13-year-old has already confessed to being part of a group who attempted to rob Majors in the park. The younger boy said he watched as his two friends choked and stabbed her to death. 

The 13-year-old was caught trespassing in a building on Thursday wearing clothes that matched the description of the suspect. He later confessed to being involved in the attack. Police arrested him for criminal trespass and during a search found he was carrying a knife. 

He later confessed that he and two others murdered Majors, CBS New York reports. He is in custody and being held without bail.

Majors, 18, a freshman at Barnard College, was stabbed several times in Morningside Park, near West 116th Street, shortly before 7 p.m. local time last Wednesday. She staggered up a staircase onto the street where a school security guard found her and called 911. 

Five people have reported being robbed at or near the same staircase since June, The New York Times reports.

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