Terry O'Quinn

Emmy-winning actor Terry O'Quinn stars in the ABC series "Lost" as John Locke, the once-timid pushover who is in search of his own destiny.

The 55-year-old actor is known for his roles in the "The Stepfather," "Tombstone," "Heaven's Gate" and "The Rocketeer."

Early on in his television career, he made guest appearances on "Miami Vice," "Earth 2," "Moonlighting," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "The New Twilight Zone," "Homicide: Life on the Street" and a recurring role as Rear Adm. Thomas Boone on "JAG."

He also made guest appearances in "Alias," The X Files," Millennium" and "Harsh Realm.

Photos: Happy at "Lost"
O'Quinn has been married to his wife, Lori, for 25 years. For most of their marriage, they lived in Finksburg, Md. But after "Lost" began airing, the couple decided to move out to Hawaii, where the show is filmed.

O'Quinn and his wife have two sons, Oliver and Hunter.