Terror Suspect Zazi a Deadbeat?

Najibullah Zazi is seen outside of his Colorado home Sept. 16, 2009. FBI agents raided his home and seized backpacks, cell phones and literature about bomb making and have said that Zazi is suspected of links to al Qaeda. However, Zazi has not been charged with any crime.
This story was written by CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian and investigative producer Michael Rey

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing obtained by CBS News raises more questions about the 24-year-old Afghan national now at the center of a multi-state terror investigation.

The filing was made by Najibullah Zazi on March 26, 2009, in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Eastern District of New York. It was officially discharged by Bankruptcy Judge Elizabeth S. Stong just last month, on August 17, 2009.

In his petition to the court, Zazi claimed a total of $51,491.11 in debts and just $2,400 in assets. He declared he was as "self-employed street vendor" with a monthly income of $800.

The filing lists 20 creditors - all for credit cards. The companies include Bank of America ($1,099), Capitol One ($4,162), Discover ($5,173), two cards from Chase ($1,365 and $3,974), and four cards from HSBC ($13,282 total).

Perhaps most interesting: In the five months between April and August of 2008, Zazi opened up 15 separate revolving credit card accounts eventually racking up more than $38,000 worth of debt ($38,786) on those cards.

In the filing, Zazi also claimed he was "unmarried," in contrast to statements that he had traveled frequently to Pakistan to visit his wife, who his attorney said he married in 2006.

Finally, as part of the filing, Zazi was asked the following question: "Does the debtor own or have possession of any property that poses or is alleged to pose a threat of imminent and identifiable harm to public health or safety?" Zazi checked the box for "No."