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Ten From Us, One From You

Later this week we'll be launching a new feature designed to help you (and ourselves) get to know the people of CBS News a little better. It's a set of 10 questions we'll submit to a different person each week plus one from our readers. We'll cull through the e-mailbag each week and select a question we feel is insightful, interesting or downright fun.

Our first subject is Jennifer Siebens, the longtime CBS News Los Angeles Bureau Chief, who's agreed to take a moment from her busy week covering the power loss in L.A. to answer us. From her position, Jennifer oversees west coast coverage for CBS News and has been there for all the big stories in the past couple decades — from the '92 riots to the O.J. Simpson trial and Arnold Schwarzenegger's political rise. So put on your thinking caps folks, and let us know what YOU would like to ask her.

E-mail your questions here