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Ten Bucks or Less Gets You These Great Gifts

Ten dollars may not be much money, but you could still buy some super gifts for that much or less this holiday season, as "Early Show" contributor Katrina Szish proved Thursday, as the show continued its weeklong countdown of gifts at various reasonable price points.

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(The following descriptions were prepared, at least in part, with information provided by the retailers or manufacturers)

So, how far can $10 or less go?

Ten dollars isn't just for stocking stuffers anymore, Szish says. Retailers and companies understand that everyone is looking to stretch his or her dollar -- now, more than ever -- so they're pricing and pricing many items in the $10 or less category. Even Prada is making a few items at the $10 mark.

"Of course," Szish says, "anytime you want a bargain, you're going to have to hunt a bit for good quality. I hope to take some of the work out it for "Early Show" viewers by finding gifts in four categories: Gifts for Kids, Gifts for Foodies and Jolt Jumpers, Gifts for Bathing Beauties; and Gifts for People Who Have Everything (aka - who are hard to shop for!).

Gifts For Kids

Gift for Kids: Sip-n-Swirl Eyeglasses ($6)

This crazy straw is only $6 and almost guaranteed to make kids drink their milk, however the 28" tube and clear glasses provide endless entertainment for kids and adults. Product description -"Wear them on your head and take a sip - you'll see the contents of your glass swirling before your very eyes! They're washable in warm, soapy water." Look for the Sip 'N' Swirl Eyeglasses at

Gift for Kids: Clementine Art Natural Modeling Dough ($10)

This all natural, soft, crumble-free dough is made from flour, water, salt soybean oil, cream of tartar, natural glycerin, natural scent extracts, natural colors and calcium propionate (a preservative used in baked goods) - so, technically, this is edible. Now you won't have to worry about little Johnny taking a taste! Moms and teachers will like that the clay smells great from being colored with turmeric, carmine and spinach. Best of all it contains no chemicals or additives. Plus it's washable with soap and water and it lasts 12 months when stored in an airtight container. We're showing the strawberry, lemon and lime clays. You can pick up these and other flavors / colors Clementine Art Natural Modeling Dough, $10 at

Gift for Kids: Van Gogh Museum Painting Kit ($8)

Your burgeoning painter can feel like a pro when he or she fills in the lines of Van Gogh masterpiece. a step up from paint-by-numbers, this art set includes 7 tubes of acrylic paint, a canvas, two brushes, a palette, and instructions for mising colors to recreate van Gogh's masterpiece. You can choose either "Sunflowers" or "Irises" designs. Pick up your Van Gogh Museum Painting Kit at

More Gifts for Kids::
• 3-D Drawing Pad, $7 at
• Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Froggy Catch Game, $10 at
• Clementine Art Natural Markers, $6 at

Gifts for Foodies and Jolt Jumpers

Gift for Foodies: Eggling Herb Growing Kit ($10)

It may look like a regular egg, but there's a prize instead! Gently crack open the top of the ceramic egg with a spoon, and you'll find an herb garden ready for growing. (Our egg has basil inside!) Besides cracking it open, there's nothing to tend to. The seeds and a fortified peat mixture are already inside. Simply place the egg in the terra cotta tray, add water and place in a bright spot. The herb will grow up to 5-months in the Eggling container and can also be repotted. This item is extremely popular in Japan, where the Egglings are handmade. The Eggling herb growing kit is $10 at

Gift for Jolt Jumpers: Caffinated Hot Cocoa Mix ($7)

Hot chocolate is the perfect cold weather beverage, but this cocoa has some get-up-and-go! Each cup has about 175mg of caffeine (a regular cup of coffee has 90-150mg of caffeine, regular hot chocolate only has about 10mg). This hot chocolate, from, comes in three flavors: French vanilla, Double Dutch Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice…And at $7 a package, it's a great deal for a little afternoon pick-me-up. You can order the Caffinated Hot Cocoa Mix at

Gift for Foodies: Collapsible Mini Colander ($5)

Both practical and attractive, these little silicone colanders are a dream for anyone who is short on space in the kitchen (or lives in a tiny apartment!). These $5-dollar colanders fold flat for storage, but pop up to wash and store berries or fruit. The snap-on silicone base prevents drips and allows you to wash and serve. From sink to table in a snap, what could be easier? The Collapsible Mini Colanders at

Other Gifts for Foodies and Jolt Jumpers:
• Black Tea Sampler, $9 at
• Wafels and Dinges Spekuloos spread, $7 at
• Brooklyn Brine pickled vegetables, $10 at
• Wine Sock Monkey bottle cover, $10 at
• Little Black Dress wine, $10, find a store near you at
• Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Brut, $10 at

For plenty more suggestions in the $10 and under area, go to Page 2.

Gifts for Bathing Beauties

Gift for Beauties: Sephora Collection Color Wand for Lips ($10)

This lip gloss wand has 6 shades of gloss!! Each with its own tiny pot and individual applicator! For only $10! This is an absolute must for any girl-on-the-go. No more hunting for the right color, you have 6 choices put together in one thin wand. Plus, you can always mix and match the colors to create your own perfect shade! The Sephora Collection Color Wand for lips is available at

Gift for Bathing Beauties: SpaLab Dessert Soaps ($7-$9)

Indulge your love of sweets in the shower or bath with these extremely realistic handmade dessert soaps from SpaLab. These all-natural soaps include gingerbread cookies, cherry pie, peppermint bark and even holiday fruitcake! Now that's a fruitcake anyone would be happy to receive. You can clean up with these SpaLab dessert soaps, $7-9 at

Other Gifts for Bathing Beauties:
• Plum Party hairband ball, $10 at
• Sephora Collection glitter spray, $10 at
• Prada Parfums Infusion D'Homme and Infusion D'Iris Duo, $10 at
• Sugar Plum Fairy Bubble Bath, $10 at
• First Snow Moisturizing Shower Gel, $10 at
• Balsam Fir Moisturizing Shower Gel, $10 at
• Marshmallow Cocoa Healthy Hair Shampoo, $10
• Priti NYC organic, non-toxic nail polish minis, $10 at
• Sephora Bling Pop-Up Travel brush, $10 at
• Sephora by OPI Glitter Top Coats, $9 at

Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Gift for People Who Have Everything: YummyPockets ($8)

Remember these are silly, perhaps inspiring, fun gifts for the person who has everything - or is just really hard to shop for. These handy zippered pouches come in the lifelike pizza, hotdog, taco and cookie designs. It's a fun way to carry make-up, keys, change, a cellphone around town or while traveling and for only $8, it's worth the giggle. Pick up your Yummypocket Pouch at

Gift for People Who Have Everything: Ridley's Retro Harmonica ($8)

Craig Ferguson inspired Katrina to choose this gift. She loves his nightly duets with celeb guests and she thinks Ferguson has made the retro harmonica chic and fun all over again. For only $8 dollars, this retro harmonica comes with a carrying case and cleaning cloth from

More Gifts for People Who Have Everything

• BAND-AID brand by Cynthia Rowley DRESS-UP BAND-AIDS, $10 at
• Boo Boo Bling, $6 at
• Fortune Bandages, $7 at
• Burger Bandages, $7 at
• Jonathan Adler Fireplace Matches, $9 at

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