Teen Wins $1 Million On "Power Of 10"

The new game show "Power of 10" premiered last night on CBS and has already given away $1 million to 19-year-old college student Jamie Sadler, who accurately guessed what America thinks.

The show was taped about two weeks ago, and Sadler says it still doesn't seem real. Last night Sadler watched himself on TV. One of the show's memorable scenes was when the producers went to a spilt screen between Sadler and his father, with whom he tried to plot a makeshift strategy.

"We talked a little bit before the show about it, tried to strategize a little bit," he told The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

Everything happened very fast and Sadler didn't know what to expect. He said the producers kept in him the dark about the rules of the show so he didn't have much time to plan a strategy. It was a whirlwind and by the time he was at $100,000 it hadn't sunk in.

"I'm still trying to believe I'm on TV, talking to Drew Carey, nicest guy in the world," Sadler said.

The question that won him the $1 million was what percentage of women consider themselves feminists. He guessed 33 percent.

Sadler is a pre-med student and makes money as a waiter and golf caddie. He was urged to go on the show thanks to his girlfriend, who wanted to be on the show but got cut. But he is still giving her $500,000.

Watch "Power of 10" tonight at its regular time, Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. CT.