Teen 'Suicide Bombers' Seen in Taliban Video

An increasing number of children and teenagers are appearing in jihadi videos of the militant Afghan Taliban movement, which claims that they carry out suicide attacks. A new propaganda video showing attacks carried out by the group shows two young boys who allegedly carried out two separate suicide attacks in Nangarhar in Western Afghanistan.

The video shows a teen suicide bomber called al Hafidh, who seems to be 15 to 16 years old, sitting in the middle of a group of masked gunmen and reading the Quran, before making his final goodbyes to carry out the attack.

Though the video does not show the actual attack, the group claims that the boy rammed his explosives-laden car into a U.S. convoy in Nangarhar, destroying three armored vehicles, and killing five U.S. soldiers.

The video also includes footage of another young boy, who looks about the same age, and is identified as Ahmad Bilal. The group claims he killed 14 U.S. soldiers in a suicide attack on a convoy in Fathabad, Nangarhar. Again, the video does not show the actual operation, but there are shots of the explosives' preparation process in which the boy took part.

The video also showed gruesome pictures of an execution of a man accused by the Taliban of collaborating with the U,S, against the militants. The man was identified as Khushhal Omar Umara Khan, from Muhmand Dara, in Nangarhar. According to the group, he was arrested in November 2008.

The man is seen during the before he sits on the groups with his eyes blindfolded. Four masked men who surrounded him then open fire from a short distance. Although the shots did not kill the man, he is left to die.

The 53-minute video also included footage of an IED attack and parts of a UAV shot down by the militants in Sarubi, according to the group.