Teen skydiving accident survivor: "I just remember screaming"

The 16-year-old girl who survived a 3,000-foot fall while skydiving when her parachute failed to open said Thursday she feels good and is “doing better everyday.”

In a press conference from the Baylor Institute for Rehabilation in Dallas, Makenzie Wethington recalled the fateful day at the end of January in Oklahoma when she took her first-ever jump out of a plane.

“I remember getting into the plane and feeling that rush of excitement, and I remember jumping out of the plane and looking up and seeing there was a complication with the parachute,” said Wethington.

“I started kicking my feet like I was taught in the class and I looked up and it still wasn’t opening so I tried to pull the toggles apart but I just wasn’t strong enough to fight off the wind,” said Wethington.

The teen remembers little about the accident.

“I just remember screaming and then I blacked out, and I don’t remember anything after that until three days later,” said Wethington.

Dr Seema Sikka from the Baylor Institute said Wethington has really progressed in her recovery, despite having suffered from bleeding on her brain, and a fractured vertebrae, pelvis, ribs and hip bone.