Teen serial burglar captured amid wave of 30 home break-ins, say South Miami cops

(CBS) SOUTH MIAMI - Police in South Miami say they have arrested a 16-year-old serial burglar who broke into more than 30 homes there and in Miami-Dade since January, taking at least $15,000 in property from the victims, CBS Miami reported.

According to the station, the suspect was nabbed by while allegedly trying to break into a home amid police surveillance.

"What's important is we've gotten him off the street and other people who he is tied to are off the street," said South Miami Police Major Rene Landa.

Landa told CBS Miami that the suspect is tied to 7 burglaries at 6 homes and the theft of 3 bicycles in South Miami, and has confessed to breaking into 24 other homes in Miami-Dade.

Homeowner Steve McNally said the serial burglar was caught by police while trying to enter his home.

"He was in the process of trying to break into the back of my house and going through the kitchen," said McNally. "He also tried to break into my neighbor's home by lifting out a screen window."

Because he is a juvenile, Maj. Landa said the serial burglar could not be identified. Homeowner McNally said he was told by police that the teen burglar did not live far from his home.

"This is a secure neighborhood and it is very friendly, this neighborhood, and thank God some neighbors are watching out for me," said McNally.

Landa said the burglar is tied to two others who were arrested for another burglary in South Miami on March 21, including another juvenile and 19-year-old Yordy De Jesus Cambon.

"It's more juveniles with a few adults involved," said Landa. "It is a burglary ring."