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A teen was caught going 132 mph on a Florida interstate. The deputy then called his father to come get him.

An Orange County, Florida Sheriff's Office corporal said he clocked a teen going 132 mph on the express lanes of Interstate 4. He then called the 16-year-old's father to come pick him up.

CBS Orlando affiliate WKMG-TV points out that the speed limit on Florida interstates is 70 mph.

The traffic stop was captured on video the office posted on social media Tuesday. The office said it happened earlier this year.

Corporal Greg Rittger is seen calling the teen's father and telling him to come with another driver to come get his son. The father brought his wife.

Then, the office said, Rittger "shared a cautionary story with them. Excessive speeding is a very real danger we work to combat every day."

Radar device showing 132 mph is seen being held by Orange County, Florida Sheriff's Office Cpl. Greg Rittger during traffic stop on I-94 in the Orlando area in video posted on social media on August 1, 2023. Orange County (Florida) Sheriff's Office

Rittger told them that several years ago, he stopped a teen who was also about 16 "in a brand new Mustang" his parents had bought him. They were going through a divorce and when he saw them in court, he warned them that the car was "too much" for their son and he couldn't "handle" it. They assured Rittger they'd take the Mustang away from the teen.

But some two months later, Rittger saw the lawyer for the family, who told Rittger that about three weeks after that court date, the teen "wrapped the car around a tree" and now "these parents don't have a kid."

Rittger told the teen on I-94 that if he were 18, he'd be going to jail for reckless driving. Instead, he was getting a speeding citation that requires a court appearance in Orlando.

Rittger told his parents the fine for going that fast is $1,104, with court costs tacked on, but the judge can impose any fine deemed appropriatee and could take the teen's license away for a year.

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