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Ted Williams: Why I Left Rehab

Ted Williams will appear exclusively on "The Early Show" Wednesday.

It will be his first interview since leaving rehab.

The "man with the golden voice" was homeless until gaining fame after a reporter videotaped him waving a sign advertising his vocal gift along the side of an interstate highway ramp in Ohio.

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Williams, 53, will talk for the first time about why, against the advice of doctors, he left a Texas rehab facility after only two weeks of treatment for his drug and alcohol addictions, and about how it felt to be thrust into the national spotlight from the obscurity of homelessness.

Williams first appeared exclusively on "The Early Show" Jan. 5. The next day, his estranged mother appeared on the program to talk about her son's struggles. Then the two were reunited on the show the following day.

He has also reunited with some of his daughters, and at least one such meeting got contentious.

He was being bombarded with job offers, and did the voiceovers for some Kraft Mac & Cheese commercials.

To see Ted and Julia Williams interviewed on "The Early Show" by co-anchors Chris Wragge and Erica Hill, click below:


To watch the Williams' emotional mother-and-son reunion, click on the player below:


Doral Chenoweth, the Columbus Dispatch reporter who discovered Ted Williams on the side of the road in Ohio, also spoke with Wragge and Hill:


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