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Ted Kennedy: "I Feel Very Well"

Senator Ted Kennedy answered a few questions for CBS News' Wyatt Andrews about today's confirmation of Tom Daschle and his health.

"I feel very well," the lion of the Senate said, adding, "some days are better than others." Last summer, Senator Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and has returned to Capitol Hill only sporadically since.

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In reference to the Daschle's confirmation hearing before the Senate Senate Health, Labor & Pension Committee, Kennedy said, "we had a great hearing today, an imporant one on health issues, those are enourmously important. You could tell there was broad interest on healthcare and healthcare issues."

"We are looking to continue after this. We had good hearings yesterday and the day before but today was enourmously important," he reiterated.

"Now a number of us have been tracking how you have been working this through your illness," Andrews said. "Can you give us a sense of when you hope to bring this?"

"We will do that at a appropriate time," Kennedy responded.

"When do you think you will bring a bill up sir?" Andrews pushed.

In return, the venerable senator said, "thank you very much."

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