Ted Danson talks CSI role and possible "Cheers" reunion

(CBS News) Longtime TV actor Ted Danson is currently starring in "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," as D.B. Russell, the new CSI Supervisor for the grave shift. Danson joined "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday to talk about joining the famed show.

"They do not pretend to be anything else than an amazing forensic mystery," Danson said when asked what could account for the immense success the show has experienced.

Despite his seasoned acting chops, he admitted that he still cringes when he watches himself onscreen. "When I work I am joyful, I love it, I can do no wrong," Danson explained. "Or at least I don't judge myself and as soon as I see myself, I become this horrible judgmental person and I'd rather not go there."

Danson also spoke about recently celebrating the 30th anniversary of the beloved series, "Cheers" with his old castmates and touched on his causes -- namely overfishing and the ocean -- and his work on those issues with the Oceana organization.

For that and more from Ted Danson, watch the video above.