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Ted Danson Returns To The Bar Scene

Ted Danson is used to life at the bar, but this time he wasn't at his usual Boston favorite, Cheers, he was at CJ's pub in Indiana.

Saturday afternoon, Danson, who played Sam Malone on the hit show "Cheers" showed up at the South Bend bar.

He talked to fans while doing what they remember him most for, bartending.

Photos: Political Action
But Danson wasn't only in town to reminisce about his barkeep days, his real purpose was to campaign for his personal friend Sen. Hillary Clinton.

He discussed the race between Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama thus far and addressed the numerous attacks she has endured.

According to WSBT-TV, Danson told the crowd, "All she cares about is getting back up and taking care of you, and I think that's a quality that I would like to see in our next president.

"Because believe me, the world is going to throw a lot of punches at our next president and it'd be nice to know that they are capable of getting back up and staying focused."

Danson's wife, actress Mary Steenbergen, hails from Little Rock. Former President Bill Clinton gave her away at her wedding to Danson.