Technological silliness and failing on a trust fall

(CBS News) Many on Christmas will be getting a variety of presents. Gadgets and gizmos are a popular choice, with a wide-range of actual use. With that in mind, I would probably recommend you do not give anyone on your list the crazy contraption in the video above... unless it's a gag gift.

The very fun, but totally pointless technology aptly titled "Useless machine advanced edition" was posted by YouTube user orn4x who created the device out of broken printers, and includes schematics for it you can see by clicking here, in case you want to create a useless machine of your own.

And it's a stretch, but community and trust are also a major part of the holiday season. Unfortunately, one guy was let down in a very literal way by both in a video below titled "The last trust fall i will ever do..." by YouTube user danbob325. I'm sure you can already guess where there one is going...