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Tech That Says "I Love You"

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. So how can you wow your sweetheart without going the traditional chocolate and flowers route?

Natali Del Conte, a CNET senior editor and "Early Show" contributor, suggests trying tech this year. She shared some great options on the broadcast that she says can say "I love you" to both men and women.

The following product descriptions were prepared using information provided by the manufacturers.

Sony VAIO CW-Series notebook
Price: Starts at $810
Where to buy:
• Blue & Pink on set
• The CW-Series notebook features a 14-inch widescreen display with a 16:9 aspect ratio in a thin-and-light chassis
• The notebook features an optional Blu-ray DiscT drive, so you can watch movies in stunning high-definition, plus the integrated HDMIT output lets you playback HD content on your compatible big screen HDTV
• The CW-Series notebook comes in five eye-catching, high-gloss colors: fiery red, poppy pink, icy white, jet black and indigo purple (blue). The glossy finishes are splashed across the exterior while a gradient color on the palm rest provides the PC with a head-to-toe color coordinated impression
• The notebook offers a fast, easy way to produce your own high-quality home movies and slideshows with Sony's VAIO Movie Story software, which breaks complex movie production into three simple steps, freeing you from tedious hours spent mastering difficult and expensive video editing software

Apple iPod Nano
Price: $149 for 8 gig model; $179 for 16 gig model
Where to buy:
• Comes in pink or red for sweetheart colors
• Custom inscription can read whatever you want (ours says "You Rock My World)
• New built-in camera lets you create love messages and send to your main squeeze any time of day
• Built-in pedometer lets you stay in shape for the one you love

Sony Reader Pocket Edition
Price: $199
Where to buy:
• Comes in pink, purple, or silver
• Pre-load the e-reader with bodice rippers, romance novels, or tragic love novellas
• Holds up to 350 books at a time
• Lightweight and portable with a 5-inch display
• Can also access free public domain books from Google Books

iPhoto Book
Price: Starting at $19.99 for softcover books; Starting at $49.99 for hardcover books
Where to buy: iPhoto software or other programs like Shutterfly, MyPublisher, and more
• Create a photo book of your romance for the one you love
• Select themes and photos from your best memories
• Narrate with customized text and photo captions
• Create calendars with the same layouts

Wiimote with Wii MotionPlus Bundle
Price: $50
Where to buy:
• Perfect gift for the gamer in your life
• Comes in pink or blue for girls or boys
• Comes with the Wii MotionPlus addition that makes the Wiimote more sensitive to motion control and better for more active games

Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000
Price: $90
Where to buy:
• The perfect gift for the long-distance lover
• Easy to set up for any video chat program including Skype, Google Video Chat, iChat, and more
• Shoots well in low light for those romantic chats
• Works great with desktops and laptops alike

Books seen in the segment can be purhased at

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