Young boy takes a stand to help his baby brother and inspires a community

Lemonade stand makes a difference

Andrew Emery, 9, always wanted a younger brother, so he was overjoyed when he got his wish. Just six months ago, his baby brother, Dylan, was born.

"I tell him I love him and he smiles at me and I give him a kiss and stuff," said Andrew.

But less than two weeks ago, Dylan was diagnosed with Krabbe disease, a rare and terminal neurological condition. So Andrew decided to go on Facebook and ask for help.

This is Andrew, Dylan’s big brother. He came up with his own benefit for his baby brother!!! Please come and support this precious family!! Address for Andrew’s Benefit: 1495 Hwy 72/221 Greenwood, SC 29646.

Posted by Team DYLAN on Monday, May 21, 2018

"Please come buy lemonade so I can raise money to help Dylan get better," he said.

The community turned out, handing him stacks of cash for each cup of lemonade. He raised $6,000 in two hours, using the hashtag #TeamDylan.

"I am gonna help pay his doctor's bills and buy him a teddy bear," Andrew said.

Andrew's father, Matthew, and stepmother, Melissa, have been stunned by the campaign -- one that's now raised $10,000.

"Words can't describe how proud I am of Andrew," Matthew said. "To be 9 years old and to put his little brother first. It's really hard to describe how proud I am of him. I tell him but I don't think he understands."

To find out more or to donate, go to Dylan Emery's GoFundMe page.