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Team carries on after Wes Leonard's death

FENNVILLE, Mich. - Fennville High School will play Lawrence in a playoff game today, just four days after its star player died after a game.

Junior stand-out Wes Leonard collapsed and later died moments after making the game-winning shot on Thursday night. Doctors say an enlarged heart caused him to go into cardiac arrest.

A funeral for Leonard is set for Tuesday at Christ Memorial Church in Holland.

Wes Leonard photos: Tragedy on the court

Now the team is standing tall in the wake of their loss and competing in district playoff action Monday night, CBS affiliate WWMT reports.

The game was moved to Hope College because so many people are expected to come out from all across West Michigan to pay their respects to the Fennville basketball team, WWMT reports.

There had been some questions about having a game at all after Leonard's tragic death, but the team decided to play, saying it's what Leonard would have wanted them to do, the station reports.

On Sunday, hundreds payed their respects to Leonard, many waiting in line for more than an hour.

Friends, teammates, community members and even those from opposing schools who knew Leonard both on and off the court attended the services. Many showed their respect for the 16-year-old by wearing an orange and black ribbon.

In another outpouring of support downtown Fennville is now covered in black and orange. On Friday several people spent the day putting up signs and flags with Leonard's jersey number at local businesses.

A video of Leonard is being shared on the Internet, WWMT reports. Footage of Leonard talking on the team bus a few weeks ago was posted on Facebook, showing Leonard answering "interview" questions from a friend. See video below:

A former NBA star will take part in a news conference before tonight's game along with officials from both schools, WWMT reports.

Bo Kimble is the founder of the 44 For Life Foundation which raises awareness of heart disease. Kimble started the foundation after his teammate Hank Gathers collapsed at Loyola Marymount and died during a game 21 years ago.

Gathers went into cardiac arrest from an abnormal heartbeat.

In an eerie coincidence Wes Leonard passed away the day before the anniversary of Gather's death.

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