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Team 911 Left Behind

Andre Plummer and Damon Wafer were the last ones to reach the pit stop in Germany Wednesday night. After they started behind the pack in Morocco, they quickly caught up by taking a taxi to Casablanca instead of flying like everyone else.

Unfortunately, Flo of "Flo and Zach" fame, decided to sabotage them by flirting with a ticket agent and telling him in Italian not to allow them on the next flight to Germany.

"I was in line behind her and I knew what she was saying. I knew she was telling the attendant not to sell us a ticket. I knew. It was part of the race, part of the game," says Andre.

It worked and they instead had to fly though Paris. They never recovered. Thought the 911 team holds no grudge, Damon and Andre say Flo's remark that they piggybacked off of other teams is what upset them the most. "We were in the back and got to the front on our own merit," Andre says.

But other teams made a similar observation. Damon insists his team carried its own weight.

"That was part of our strategy. That was our drafting part of the strategy. You know, we're going to follow some teams and we're going to use as little of our resources as possible and use our resources later in the race to pass other teams up. We didn't get a chance to do that on this show, but we did a lot of things on our own. We did a lot of strenuous tasks on our own and we had a lot of fun. That was part of our strategy. With had a no-holds-barred strategy," Damon says.

And they did not break any rules. Being a police officer and a firefighter, the team says their skills came in handy. But that did not prepare them for facing a very scary situation in Morocco. A cab driver got them lost outside of Marrakesh.

"That had to have been the most scariest time in my life, being a police officer and having been in the military, by far, that was the most scariest moment in my life, being there and not having any support system to really help us, you know, in a time of need," says Andre.

Their fate was sealed. They had lost their flight in Paris, they had been detained in Morocco and to top it all off, they fell asleep on a train to Innsbrook, Austria, and missed their stop. At the end when producers told them they had lost, they skipped the rest of the roadblocks and went to the Pit stop: Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany.

"We were even further behind the teams than we even thought we were ever going to be. It was a farewell, you know. The band coming home," Damon says.